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According to veterinarians say, when the weather turns cold incoming, patient in which more and more of respiratory diseases and cardiovascular areas cases, such as viral bronchitis, cough, fever, runny nose ... especially in puppies / kittens, veterinarians are particularly exhort livestock owners must pay more care as follow.

  • The rate seems more higher than other seasons at the incidence of canine distemper in the winter, and this situation occurs mostly in rural areas also,Shall pay attention the areas where vaccination for pet is not so completely. The weather is lower in winter, it is recommended to go walking with your pets seldom, especially a puppies & kittens vaccination has not been finished under the age.
  • While the weather dropping down. The animal veterinarians are recommended for pet owners also are warm who do not think pets with a fur natural cover is enough to cope with winter. When necessary, or to the pet store to purchase a beloved pet warm clothes of pieces now. In addition, note which pets have a place to sleep by wind attack. Remember covered with a little cloth or blankets on the ground. The pets can easily catch cold lying the cold floor down also. Finally, the bathing can also be reduced if pet not so dirty.
    If necessary, be sure to pay attention to temperature of water, and drying the hair after a bath at once.
  • Respiratory diseases in some special often, such as the trachea problems of Yorkshire collapse, or have a disease history of cardiovascular. It should follow the instructions medication on time, in order to avoid the risk of disease onset in cold weather
  • The amount of food feed who we recommend that pet owners in the winter when the amount of feed shall according to the case for increased to provide energy to heat and maintain the physical sufficient. By the way, it must be careful calorie intake for avoided to body weight increased dramatically.